Zappy System

Why choose the Zappy Nappy system?

Zappy Nappies are designed to fit from newborn to toddler. One size fits almost all children as they go through the toilet training process. We also offer an extra small size for those special premature newborns and there is a special ‘extra-sizer’ to extend the size for larger babies.

The Zappy Nappy has snug fitting leg openings, as your baby grows the leg opening increases proportionately, keeping the comfortable snug fit. This helps to prevent leakage and those dreadful poo-splosion.

Zappy Nappies are machine washable and dryer-safe to 30° celsius. They are durable and can handle repeated washing and drying.

Using cloth nappies can help to promote early toilet training. The child and parent become more aware of the content of the nappy, leading to a faster transition to toilet training.


  • 100% Cotton gives excellent breathing qualities (especially in hot and humid climates)
  • An absorbent pad stitched into the nappy makes a total of 10 layers of fabric for excellent absorbency
  • Elastic around waist and legs to hold in the mess and to give baby a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable to fit baby from tiny newborn to 16kg
  • Shaped like a disposable so no folding is required (great for dads, grandparents or daycare)
  • Hook and loop fastening so no pins are required – easy to use and quick to change!

How many nappies do I need?

For full time use we recommend 24 nappies to give you enough to use between washing and drying.

Part time use we recommend 10 nappies.