Please read what our customers have to say about Zappy Nappy Systems

“We tried several kinds of cloth nappies and found that many of them are hard to fit. Zappy Nappies are really easy to use, even when the room is dark and you are sleepy. They fit really well, and look great.”

“Our bub was a Premie, so we got some of the Zappy Nappy premie nappies. They worked really well, and were adjustable enough to be used til Jason was four months old. Now we have regular Zappy Nappies and we couldn’t be happier. ”

“I was so happy to find a cloth nappy made of flanelette. Zappy Nappies are the most natural feeling, soft nappies! I live on a farm property, and we did not want to use disposable nappies. We reuse or recycle everything possible, but because it is too far to take our rubbish to the dump on a regular basis, we use a pit on our land for our non-recycleable rubbish. We were concerned about the rubbish dump having too many disposable nappies in it, taking years to break down. So we were determined to find reusable cotton nappies. Zappy Nappies are perfect for us. ”

“We hate plastic! It takes forever to biodegrade, it pollutes the environment, and it is made of petroleum. So when we got pregnant, we were determined to find a fitted cloth nappy we could wash and reuse. We love Zappy Nappies because they are simple, long-lasting and much cheaper than those awful disposable nappies. And they are pretty, too! ”

“We needed to save money on nappies. Our first bub used disposables, and we hated to see so much money going into the bin. So when our second was coming along, I looked into alternatives and found Zappy Nappies. Once we adjusted to the idea of washing nappies (it isn’t really much of a chore, we found out!), we bought a few Zappy Nappies to try them. They worked so well, and we realized we could save heaps using them, so we got enough to last the whole time until Ozzie was toilet trained. We figured we saved over a $1000 using Zappy Nappies! ”

“Our little guy was not easy to potty train. He was in disposables and they kept him so dry he just did not know he was peeing! We heard that Zappy Nappies help, so we tried some. It was amazing! He could feel the weight of the pee in his nappy, so he could tell he had peed, so he finally learned to go to the toilet. Zappy Nappies are great. They are easy to use and we wish we had used them all along. ”

“Zappy Nappies are the best! They are cheaper, so easy to use, they save water, don’t pollute, and best of all they are really pretty! We love our Zappy Nappies! ”

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