Toilet Training

Transition from Zappy Nappy to Toilet Use

It has been found that families using disposable nappies have a longer transition time to toilet use. Although this may seem unlikely, the super-absorbency of the disposable nappy does not help the child to realise that they have filled their nappy.

The Zappy Nappy System uses cotton, which is very absorbent, but still enables the child to feel moisture. This helps the child to realise the need to change the nappy, which is the first step towards understanding the consequences of not using the potty or toilet.

You may find that your child tells you their Zappy Nappy needs changing!

Zappy Nappy as Trainers

As your child grows in confidence with toilet training, you can add our special elastic extender / extra-sizer. This enables the Zappy Nappy to be folded into a proper size for the child to be able to pull it up by themselves.

You’ll gain even more use out of your Zappy Nappy by adding the elastic extension / extra sizer to the waistband wings to turn them into trainer pants.

Toilet training becomes less stressful for both toddler and parents thanks to Zappy Nappy’s add-on elastic extension.

You may also find your two year old will toilet train more easily if a cloth fitted nappy is used as a night nappy.